Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Oneonta Middle School students are using Nooks in the classroom!

Period 2 English Students, OMS

When word got out from Eileen Coryat that BOCES had Nook e-readers to lend to classes, Mrs. Osterhoudt of Oneonta Middle School had to sign up. The Nooks, preloaded with over 90 titles for all levels, would ensure that the students would be exposed to a great selection. Students in all periods, one class at a time, got to borrow the Nooks for about 2 weeks. The students were able to take them home to read the class-guided novel A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park. Much to Mrs. Osterhoudt's delight, students not only read the class-guided novel, they read other selections as well. It seemed that having so many great books on hand and easily accessible on the Nooks, actually motivated some reluctant readers!  Students were also able to use the highlight and notes feature on the Nooks. For example, Mrs. Osterhoudt would ask them to find an example of a literary technique (simile, for instance), and the students would highlight an example of the technique in the Nooks. They could add a note about the literary technique, and could then share their notes via the Elmo projector in the classroom. In all, borrowing the Nooks was an AWESOME experience for the 7th graders!

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